Notice #47391

Preregistration offered course list is not correctly filtering according to your registered courses, grades and curriculum.

Some of you have raised tickets about a problem in offered courses on the preregistration page. As from the ticket description, you are being able to take courses that are not supposed to show you. It means may be preregistration offered course list is not correctly filtering the courses according to your registered courses, grades and curriculum.
But at this moment, we are unable to investigate the problem and fix the problem if any bug found. Also, now we can not provide any ETA that when we can start investigating. In this meantime, you can use Course DAG and Curriculum Analysis features to check and filter which course you should take for the next semester. Please REMEMBER, you will NOT be able to take the course at the registration time which is not for you. So, please double check your preregistered courses.
We apologize for this inconvenience caused.

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