Notice #72478

Application upgrade is ongoing.


We will move to the new integrated system very soon. So, you may not be able to access some functions. We will update you via SMS and your Official email.

  • Internet Backbone

    Upstream Providers, ISPs and Backup Network

  • Networking Gear

    Core Routers & Switches

  • Load Balancer

    Distribution of workloads across multiple hypervisors

  • DNS Server

    Domain Name System Management


      Main Domain


        Mail Server Domain


        Calendar and Event Management Domain


        File Server Domain


        Student Custom Site Domain


        Student Groups Domain


      Secondary Domain


        University Portal Domain


        Old University Management System

  • Hypervisors

    Primary Nodes

    • Edu Server

      University Main Website

    • UMS Server

      University Management System

      • Frontend Server

        Client side presentation layer

      • Backend Server

        Server side data access layer

      • Database Server

        Organized collection of data, stored

      • API

        Returns response from Database

  • UMS Services

    Plugin of the UMS

    • Course Schedule
    • Student Grade
    • Course Pre-registration
    • Course Advising
    • Registration Form
    • Course Curriculum
    • Course Directed Acyclic Graph
    • Student Profile
    • Semester Schedule
    • Class Schedule
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